Thursday, December 14, 2006

qloud - keyword tagging

Here's a iTunes plugin that sounds promising - but not for editing tags. It's Qloud an iTunes plug-in that's currently in alpha for the Mac. I loaded it yesterday and it's an interesting concept that's very similar to TuneTags, but with some important differences.

QLoud lets you tag your tunes with keywords like TuneTags, but also suggests keywords based on their database of other QLoud users.

Start up the visualizer, select a song, artist or album and QLoud connects to their site to see what other users have tagged. Once the songs are tagged, you can do searches for keywords or groups of keywords to help you explore your music in a different way.

Too bad they didn't include the ability to fix your ID3 tags based on other users info. The keywords aren't even stored inside each music file, they're stored in a separate database on your hard drive. (TuneTags stores the keywords in the comments section)

Could really be fun if they get enough users adding tags.

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