Friday, August 31, 2007

Jaikoz v1.11.1 Build 1032 out now

Whole lot of ones in that version number! This update has some bug fixes. Time to take another look!



pault said...

I would be interested in your views of Jaikoz as a Mac user. Jaikoz is very powerful but Ive had feedback that it doesnt quite come up to scratch in hows it looks for Mac users. I've spent alot of time trying to make it more Mac like but because the Mac is not my native OS I'm not sure what the real dealbreakers are. Because Jaikoz is being actively developed I can respond pretty quickly to any advice given and possibly provide you with the tagger that you really want.

thanks paul Taylor (Jaikoz devloper)

graphicaliber said...

Jaikoz is the only comprehensive ID3 editor that I've come across. Most mac ID3 editors only allow you to tag a few basic ID3's, but unfortunately Jaikoz is a laggy, poor performing Java application, with a very awkward interface.