Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Leopard - still no love for id3 tags in the finder

I've been waiting for Leopard to come out in the hopes that finally we'd see support for viewing id3 tags in the finder.

No such luck.

Despite all the hoopla about coverflow and other features being added to the finder - making it more like iTunes, there isn't really an easy way to see a list of your mp3 files and tell whether or not they're tagged. Or sort them by artist, album, etc.

The closest you get is when you use "quick look". Click once on a mp3, hit the space bar and you get a window that shows the song's id3 info along with a function that allows you to play - without having to open up another app. That's pretty cool - but far from what I was hoping for.

Didn't Windoze '98 include the ability to view and sort folders by artist, album, etc?

I guess we're expected to load all our mp3s into iTunes and view the info there...


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