Tuesday, February 12, 2008

IEatBrainz Universal

Pierre Andrews took the IEatBrainz source code from SourceForge and has created a universal build of the automatic tagging software, IEatBrainz.

IEatBrainz uses MusicBrainz acoustic matching in a attempt to figure out a song's tags - even if there are no tags available. Great for those mystery mp3s you have laying around.

IEatBrainz Universal


wenndann said...

thank you very very much for this collection - you saved me so much time!!! i always was searching for something like this - only concentrating on music editing software for mac.
it took me ages to find a tool that would change tag data according to file data (something like Tag&Rename for PC) and now i think your recommended tritag will do it... keep continuing this good work, i will subscribe to your feed

Dev said...

This app is gone, developments has been halted and its access to music brainz network has ceased. Sucks, it was a great program.