Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tag&Rename on the Mac

Here's another option for adventurous souls: Tag&Rename on the mac using Darwine for OSX.

While doing a search to find some new tag editors, I came across posts describing the successful use of Darwine and Tag&Rename. I had used Tag&Rename to edit the tags on my mac using pc emulators, but the usage was always clunky and tended to freeze. Plus, I had to install windows and deal with all the pain that the windows os brings with it. (That's why I have a mac, right?)

This time installing darwine and getting Tag&Rename up and running was much faster. I simply installed a Darwine build for OSX, found here and then downloaded the installer for Tag&Rename here.

So far it does a great job at those mass tagging jobs I always end up doing to get all my tags and file names consistent. I tried to drag and drop an image from the mac to apply the album art, but that didn't work.

I'd be curious to hear other folk's experience with this option.


JollyG15 said...

Hey man thanks for this! I am a huge T&R fan from back in my PC days made the Mac switch in '07 and have been waiting for something like this. Quick question, I downloaded Darwine (Wine and Wine Bottler) and the T&R.exe file. I tried opening it with the bottler but keep getting an error. Can you offer any help? Thanks in advance...btw I somehow typed this with a sleeping newborn on my shoulder.

Jason said...

I've used T&R for years, too, and recently made the switch to Mac. For some reason, though, I can't retrieve info from the internet. Any thoughts why? I tired Crossover before which worked until I updated it. I definitely don't want to fire up parallels every time I want to fix a few tags. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the suggestion for the free program.

Matthew said...

there's no drag-n-drop support for album art on windows, either, so that's not a crossover bug, just how it's designed. T&R is my favorite tagging software, good to know it works through darwine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! I got rid of Parallels when T&R was the only program left I was using on it, but didn't get happy with any of the Mac ones. SongGenie is a song info applier, not an album tagger; the also mentioned TheTagger looks like home programmed beta software and offers no advantage apart from being able to capitalize words (mp3 only, no flac support); and everything else is just plain crap (and I did look at pretty much everything else).
Tag & Rename working with WineBottler could really be the solution to all this. So thanks again...