Tuesday, September 14, 2010

(off topic) ipod touch - back from the dead

Here's a quick tip for those with a ipod touch that won't recharge or turn on. Leave it alone! I've had problems with my ipod touch battery draining - especially if I leave wifi on. Once I figured out that it was dead, I'd try the various key combinations to wake it up - holding down the home button and the sleep button at the same time for ten seconds - holding down the home and sleep buttons for ten seconds and then holding down the home button for a minute - holding down the home button and plugging in the usb cable, none of them worked.

I would plug the thing in and it would start to feel a little warm. But then I'd try all those techniques again and they still wouldn't work. Eventually, I decided to get a new battery.

I left the ipod touch unplugged for a couple days and then brought it to work so I could take it down to Tekserve and get a new battery. Just before I left, I decided to try plugging it in one more time - this time it started recharging!

Then a few weeks later it died again. Again, I'd leave it plugged in, hoping it would recharge. Again, I'd try every key combination I could track down online.

I was hanging out with a computer wiz friend of mine, discussing my problem. He mentioned that the ipod touch will go into a special mode when the battery is completely drained, so that the unit can be recharged.

Then a thought occurred to me...

What if there wasn't enough power to start up the unit, but too much power to have the ipod go into it's special recharging mode.

So instead of plugging it in to recharge. I left it unplugged for a day or two and voila! It started recharging after I plugged it in and held down the home and sleep keys for ten seconds.

Maybe this happened twice in a row out of luck, but it's worth a try.

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