Tuesday, November 2, 2010

tagalicious is delicious

When I see a mac mp3 tagging program that claims to do automatic tagging, I generally get a little skeptical. My major concern is that there won't be a way to preview the changes and the tags will just be added automatically - a major problem, since no tag editor with info look-up is 100% accurate.

That was the case when I first saw Tagalicious. But reading further on their website, I saw what I was hoping to find.

"Review the track info Tagalicious finds for your songs before sending the changes to iTunes."

Alright, I thought, this is worth a try.

And I've got to tell everyone out there to give it a try as well. It's really well done and very accurate. It can even find lyrics!



Harriet said...

Yeah, right. 10 songs for a trial and then you have to pay for it? I didn't even get to try any of the songs that really needed help because it shows all my music as untagged to begin with. FAIL!

SBSyncro said...

One thing you might want to point out is that Tagalicious appears to only work with iTunes-managed MP3 libraries. I keep all my music files on a NAS and do not use iTunes to play or manage my music, so Tagalicious appears to be useless to me, unfortunately. I wish I could just find a simple utility for finding MP3 files with bad or missing ID3tags